Sunday, April 12, 2009

Movie Review- Ong Bak 2

Just finished watching Ong Bak 2 today and it makes me wonder why we cannot make such movie? Come to think of it, our country also have their own bloody , heroic and tragic history.We also have our own martial art... silat (much more effective in defending oneself ).
What about the stories of Mat Kilau , Dato Bahaman , Tuk Janggut , Hang Tuah and many more warrior which I personally think in the hand of a good writer , director and producer can be turn into an explosive movie.
I leave that question to our emerging young and creative talent in the film industry...
Until then , let us admire this movie ...

Title: Ong Bak 2

Starring: Tony Jaa , Nirut Sirichanya , Sorapong Chatree and lots of other talented asian martial artist

Directed by : Tony Jaa and Panna Rikkitirai

Produced by: Tony Jaa and Panna Rikkitirai ( more money for this two !!)

Duration : Less than 2 hours


This story set place in ancient Thailand during the Ayuthya period ( so I suppose it is not related the first Ong Bak then..).
It started with a young boy named Teann captured by slave traders after his parents were brutally murdered by Ratchasena (who happens to end the reign of King Sri Rama 2 of Ayuthya) .Teann's father was one of the 4 advisors to the King.
Teann was saved by Chernang and his band of Pha Peek Krut Pirate who immediately recognize Teann's fighting talent after he manage to kill a crocodile when he was in the slave trader's custody.Chernang soon adopted Teann .Then , he and his general taught Teann all of their fighting skill.
Teann , now a grown up (Tony Jaa) become the leader of the pirates and seek revenge .........
what follows are the action-packed martial art feast that will make you awe in excitement and go Ga!Ga! asking for more ..
I personally think the best bits of the movie are the Pha Peek Krut pirate themselves. Chernang looks like an Arabs with the arabs sword fighting skills , one of the general is a Japanese Samurai with Samurai katana skills , another general is a chinese guy with Shaolin Kung Fu style , one is a KraBi Krabong warriors (just imagine muay thai with long sword if you never heard about it) and the last one (correct me if i'm wrong) looks like a malay warrior with kerambit skill .
Tony Jaa manage to demonstrate each of this different fighting skill and origin with a perfection.
But the story-line needs some improvement. I think he is too occupied with the fighting choreography and neglected to explore the strength of the story ( a little bit of drama wouldn't kill )

Would I watch it again? :

maybe !! but more to admire all the fighting scene and the real fight is back yeah!!!...Brilliant!!!

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